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Tin Alloy Plating Services (Electroplating)

Tin Alloy Plating

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Tin Alloy Plating Services (Electroplating)

N-W Precision Ltd is an industry leader in exacting Bright tin alloy plating services to BS 4393. N-W Precision Ltd offers a diverse portfolio of tin alloy plating services including 60/40 and 90/10 formulations. In addition, any custom tin alloy formulation can be produced upon request to meet any company specification. Our expertise in providing precision barrel tin alloy plating services is currently employed in numerous industries including a global leader in batteries, rail, aerospace, defence and electronic.

Tin alloy plating services are utilized for unsurpassed solderability and in critical electrical and electronic applications eliminating the potential for tin whisker formation. Whiskers can cause failure of electrical and electronic components by bridging multiple conductor paths causing a short circuit.

The ratio of tin to lead in tin alloy plating services affects the hardness and melting point of the deposit. The eutectic ratio of 63/37 provides the lowest melting point of 183C of all the tin alloy plating ratios. In tin alloy plating, the higher the tin composition of the deposit, the higher the abrasion resistance will be. Tin alloy plating imparts excellent solderability to basis metals, minimizing the potential for tin whiskers or tin pests.

Coating thicknesses are measured by the use of an X-ray Fluorescence ( XRF ) Equipment.

N-W Precision Ltd has the capability to run high volume batches with a productive and efficient turn around.


  • 2 x 30” Bright Tin Alloy 60/40 plating lines + overhead lifting 60Kg

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